RedCal Visual Event Calendars allow your customers to graphically 'see' your availability for reservation, and allow you, the administrator, to edit and update through a password protected web console. RedCal is written in PHP, MySQL, and CSS, such that it is customisable for themes and database fields and branding.
RedCal Version 1 is a 'day event' calendar, it is fast and easy to use, both for your customer, and for you, the administrator. It can be hosted on your web server or hosted by RedCal through a simple WebLink.
RedCal Version 2 is the standard version, it inherits the features above but can establish multiple booking dates. Your customer can 'click through' on an available 'green' date to a booking form, which calculates maximum available days, but cannot start a reservation from a 'red' date.
RedCal Version 3 is the professional version, it inherits the features of versions 1 and 2, but includes extended database functionality, including accounts, invoicing, managemant scheduling, and enhanced email integration.